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Historically, insecticidal spray treatment has been effective in treating bed bugs, however it seems that the bugs are becoming immune to the chemicals.


ServiceCARE are able to offer a unique heat treatment service to organisations and individuals with pest control problems such as bed bugs,  particularly specialising in services for the hotel and accommodation sector.


We are highly experienced, professional and discreet, so your guests or neighbours will not even know we are there. Added to this is our 90 day guarantee providing extra reassurance that the bugs will not return immediately and a quick process so that a cleared room can be occupied the same day, saving lost revenues for hotels or guest houses.


We do not use any unpleasant chemicals or gases (several pest control companies use methyl bromide gas which is very damaging to the ozone layer) to affect your staff or guests, only electricity.

We offer two unique methods of heat treatment:


- Our most popular service is the use of a portable Heat Capsule. These are used regularly to treat items on site.  This method suits domestic situations and situation sensitive projects - hotel rooms, hostels,  etc.


- Our Heat Chamber has been designed to accept extremely large loads – for example, rails of clothing or large items of furniture etc can be wheeled into the chamber and treated all at once.


Both methods offer chemical-free treatment, however we also complete the treatment programme by using a residual insecticide to provide reassurance that your bed bug problem has been fully managed.

Our Services

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